Simple Tips To Increase The Operational Life Of Pre-Engineered Buildings

Simple Tips To Increase The Operational Life Of Pre-Engineered Buildings

It is no news that pre-engineered buildings can remain operational even when it has been subjected to periodic or regular abuse from the elements or natural disasters.

But it is also true that pre-engineered buildings too need care, repairs and maintenance in a bid to increase the structure’s operational life.

How can one do that?

Well, there are several ways to increase the operational life of a pre-engineered building. 

Some of the most easy-to-implement ways are mentioned in the sections below – 

Regular cleaning of the building’s exterior is a necessity

According to the CEO of one of the premier pre-engineered metal building companies in Indiana, the operational life of a pre-engineered metal building can be increased when the owner of the property takes it upon themselves to hire a team of experts and instruct them to clean the open areas of the building regularly. 

They should also ensure that narrow or covered areas of the structure such as its gutters are clean and free from debris. Removal of debris from the surface of the PEB will ensure that ambient moisture has no place to settle on the structure thus ensuring premature instances of corrosion are kept at bay.

All fasteners of the building should be replaced periodically

Pre-engineered metal buildings stand tall all thanks to a myriad of reinforced parts coming together to offer the building structural strength. One of those reinforced parts is the fasteners.

Fasteners hold the entire structure together and keep its overall shape intact. Hence, it is no news that defective or loose fasteners can and will lead to disasters such as leaks that will result in slow-paced corrosion affecting the important internal structures of the building.

Periodic replacement and maintenance of fasteners used throughout the pre-engineered building is another way of increasing the operational life of the building and reducing the chances of compromising its strength.

A fresh paint job on the exterior of the building can help

According to reputed pre-engineered metal building contractors in Indiana, owners of pre-engineered metal buildings should subject their pre-engineered properties to periodic paint jobs. 

A fresh coat of paint will act as a preventative measure against seepage and corrosion since the layer(s) of primer and paint will cover up all the dents and holes thus making the exterior surface of the structure damage-proof.

It is as simple as that!


To learn more about how one can take care of pre-engineered buildings in their commercial premises, one should consult with the experts associated with revered companies that supply, install and maintain pre-engineered buildings. One such company is SteelCore Built. The company has a strong presence in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana. To book an appointment, please call (317) 793-3737 or send an email at

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